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Sue Thomas is profoundly deaf. But nothing can keep this indominable woman from living her life to the fullest. At the age of 18 months Sue Thomas suffered an instant and total loss of sound. Her devastated parents were told that little Sue would never amount to anything and they should put her in an institution. Her parents made a lifetime vow to do whatever it would take to enable their only daughter to become successful in the 'hearing world'. It took years with speech-therapists to develop her voice. While learning to communicate, Sue Thomas became an expert lip-reader.
As the only deaf child in her public school district, Sue Thomas was misunderstood by her teachers. Although she sat in the front row so she could see the lips of her teachers, much of what happened in the classroom was lost to her. Kids tormented her in the hallways and on the playground. As her world began to spiral downward, Sue Thomas spent more and more time at the skating rink. With the help of determined coach, 7 year old Sue Thomas became the youngest Ohio State Champion free-style skater in skating history.
In spite of the difficulties in the classroom, Sue Thomas applied herself in college and finally graduated from Springfield College in Massachusetts with a degree in Political Science and International Affairs. After months of job searching, Sue Thomas heard that the FBI was looking for deaf people. Her wildest hopes finally came true when she was hired to work in undercover surveillance reading lips for the FBI agents in Washington DC.
In 2002 the TV series, SUE THOMAS:FBEYE was released. Inspired by Thomas' unique job for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the weekly drama helps to bring more awareness to the lives and abilities of those facingphysical challenges. With over 3 million viewers in the US, the popular series has also ben syndicated in 64 nations around the world.
But Sue Thomas' compelling story is not finished. In 2001 on her way to speaking engagement in Dallas, she felt a numbness creeping up from her fingers to the top of her head. She managed to deleiver her speech to 10,000 people before going to the emergency room. It was her first experience with Multiple Sclerosis, but not her last. Living with MS has become one of Sue's greatest challenges. "Fighting it is a waste of precious energy." she says. It is only by embracing my MS that I learn life's greatest lessons."