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- author - speaker - TV series - media celebrity -

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Grins. Grits. Grace of God.

These three are the backbone of Sue's life lately.

Sue with Rodney previewing an accessible van with a ramp


Many days Sue's legs feel like lumps of lead, and walking more than a few steps in impossible. Thank God for her scooter, but it is worthless if she can't take it with her. If only there were scooter highways!

This is where the GoFundMe campaign could be life changing. Can you pitch in to help Sue buy a used accessible van so she can continue being a powerful voice for the Lord? Her walking may be challenged, but her talker still works just fine!







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 Books and other Media 

The true story behind the popular TV series Sue Thomas:FBEYE. A deaf woman's journey from anger to acceptance of her silent world.  $19.99 paperback

$19.99 plus S+H

  Sue writes, "When I look back on that day when I first walked through the doors of the Neurology Center and saw all the people who had been affected by MS, I simply wanted to run away…and never return.”Her lip-reading skills dramatically affected by failing vision, Thomas begins slipping into a dark and silent world. As the isolation becomes unbearable Sue has a decision to make. Will she run from it and fight against it, as she fought her silence for the first 30 years, or embrace it and learn from it?

$14.99 plus S+H




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Sue Thomas FBEye




(and many other family value DVDs are available at Vision Video)